There are many companies that attempt to provide comprehensive solutions to food safety training, nutritional education, allergen training and regulatory compliance. Over the years Marriott International has searched for a partner that can deliver on these promises. We have finally found a company we call on for these issues

Douglas Davis, Senior Director of Global Food Safety, Marriott International

You need to make sure that you’re serving safe food, and that comes down to your employees’ training.

Are your staff up to speed on the food safety regulations they need to know? It’s not just a matter of consideration, many health departments require proof of food handler food safety training. This is where MenuTrinfo’s National Food Handler training comes in. Our course is for individuals in food service who handle food, from the front of the house to the back of the house.

National Food Handler is a nationally recognized and ANSI-accredited training course developed by experts in the food industry.

Whether for a chef, server, host, or busser, our course is designed to train your staff in the knowledge and techniques required for safe food handling. It is available in English and Spanish, and is 100% online so your employees can take it anywhere, anytime. Once completed, a printable certificate will be immediately provided, as well as a wallet card for your staff to keep on them at all times in accordance with some health department requirements.

Our National Food Handler course covers everything your staff will need to serve safe food confidently.

Once completed, a food handler will be able to describe methods to prevent cross-contamination, explain time and temperature control for safety (TSC), identify major food allergens and their health implications, and describe cleaning and sanitizing procedures. They will also understand how a restaurant’s employees are responsible for the health of customers through food safety, proper hygiene and handwashing, and recognize the importance of foodborne illness prevention.

The well-being of your customers is paramount, and that means proper staff training.

With MenuTrinfo’s National Food Handler, you are ensuring that your employees are prepared to handle food in the safest way possible. A foodborne illness event is dangerous for your customers and damaging to your business. Make sure you’re treating food safety seriously, have your employees take the National Food Handler today!

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MenuTrinfo provides certified menu labeling nutritionals for compliance with FDA regulations. This includes accurate nutritional facts for your menu items, nutritional review, full menu labeling, and government compliance consultation.

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