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About Owners Betsy and Rocky Craig

In 2003, Betsy started to get sick and after over 2 years of doctors’ visits, she was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma in October 2005. Throughout the beginning of her treatment, she discovered that what you eat makes a huge impact on your health. She started paying close attention to ingredient lists and began to appreciate restaurants that paid the same level of attention to their menus. Betsy started to think about food from a different perspective, and with her husband Rocky’s software engineering skills, they set out to make the food industry better for people with specific dietary needs. (To learn more about Betsy’s story, go to

Rocky brought many years of enterprise computing, developing and programming and Betsy brought her passion for food and years of sales and business experience to create MenuTrinfo. In the early years of MenuTrinfo, they learned that their state-of-the-art software could tag allergens and make a huge difference to those with special dietary needs. From there, AllerTrain was born. They knew that creating courses that provided proper training, which could be delivered in many forms and levels, would make all the difference in the world for those with food allergies and eating a gluten-free diet.

Years later came Kitchens with Confidence, a full-service kitchen auditing service. This was a service they always knew would be necessary and they had the brain power and expertise within the company to carry out professional, trusted, essential audits. Through commercial and university kitchens, they launched KwC and are growing by the day.

Their latest addition comes in the form of a Food Handlers certificate program. This eLearning course is ANSI-accredited and perfectly designed for those in the industry referred to as “food handlers”. It is a step-by-step fully engaging course that gives vital training to food service workers, so they are more educated and confident on the proper handling of food.

The MenuTrinfo team is filled with hardworking, compassionate individuals who take great pride in the work we do, and have fun doing it. When you love your work AND the people you work with, it’s not hard to do amazing things!

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